We’ve had a pretty busy week. Writing some new courses, setting our 2018 schedule, and continually trying to grow Churbus. It’s exciting, fun, and nerve-wracking all at the same time!

But there’s a particular conversation that I’ve been replaying in my head all week that I had with a pastor on Tuesday – actually, it’s just one specific phrase that’s really sticking out – “Does it take all of that?”

This was a question that one of his members asked him; in response to him trying to operate the church more efficiently and build some new systems. Now, I’ve heard this question asked (or defiantly stated – “it doesn’t take all of that”) more than once over the last 20+ years; but for some reason, I haven’t been able to shake it off this week.

Why is operating the church efficiently – and in excellence – such a turnoff?! Why are we comfortable with doing our best in other areas of our life, but when it comes to church we suddenly start hearing statements like, “that’s good enough,” they’re lucky I’m doing this much,” and “ya’ll ain’t paying me!”

Yes, it does take all of that.

This may not be easy to hear, but you’ll never be successful without sacrifice. Check me. What healthy church do you know of that doesn’t devote a significant amount of time to managing their organization?! Success is intentional. You may admire how the preacher speaks, how the worship team, sings, or even how the church is growing – but I promise you – this was by design. It didn’t just happen. The leaders worked at it – a lot.

So what makes you think that you’ll be able to achieve the same results without duplicating the same effort? If you’re not willing to invest the time into growing and supporting your church – then why should anyone bother attending or joining it? Yes, it does take a significant amount of time, effort, and indeed sacrifice. But if you’re unable or unwilling to make the commitment – then it’s probably time to start thinking about doing something else.

As Christians, we owe God our very best. It’s what He deserves, and it’s what He expects. We love you, and it’s with that love that we completely believe in you, desperately want success for you, and passionately demand the best from you.

Churbus exists to inspire and educate churches so that they’re able to fulfill God’s vision for their ministries. We’re here to help. Have a great weekend & keep pressing!